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The Quality Management System

The tradition of the quality management at the University of Dubrovnik dates back to the times when it had the status of the polytechnic. In fact, the Polytechnic of Dubrovnik was the first high education establishment in Croatia that could boast of possessing the Certificate of the Quality Management according to ISO 9002:1994 as early as 1999, together with the double Certificate of the Croatian Register of Shipping (CRS) and the Bureau Veritas Quality International (BVQI).
Establishment of the University and the start of its operations in the academic 2004/05 year, a necessity for introduction of quality management system into all its components appeared, modeled on the system inherited from the Polytechnic.
In order to secure the continuity of lectures and seafarers’ professional courses at the University according to SCTW convention stipulations, primary order of business was establishing a quality system for education and training of seafarers, using the existing Polytechnic documentation, resulting in certification by CRS and BVQI in October of 2004.
In June of 2005, CRS and BVQI have recertified the University’s quality management system, confirming the efforts of quality project team, Rector, General Secretary and all University employees during the process of developing new quality management documents, process flowcharts and creation of internal web-pages.
In March of 2006, Rector has founded a new University Quality management team, led by Rector’s assistant I. Jelčić, and completed by members D. Bonačić, M. Mirošević and J. Šundrica. Quality management team performs operational tasks linked to quality system management at the University, successfully organizing follow-up inspections performed by CRS and BVQI in June of 2006 and September of 2007.
The team is tasked with continuous quality management system improvement, following all current changes in the process of adapting to all Bologna Declaration requirements, and the continuation of cooperation with the Agency for Science and Higher Education (AZVO) in the implementation of a national quality standard for all Croatian universities. Preparations are underway for the first visit by AZVO’s evaluation team, whose purpose is to oversee and aid in the process of national standards adjustment.
In July of 2008, a regular re-certification audit by CRS and BVQI has been successfully completed, positively evaluating efforts of the quality management team, as well as the entire University with all its employees, unconditionally approving the extension of the ISO 9001:2000 certificate for the following three years. Certificate’s scope has been expanded to include university-level education in the field of Arts sciences, honoring the efforts of the Department of Art and Restauration. In the near future, inclusion of the Institute for marine and coastal research into the University’s quality system, coupled with continued efforts in quality system’s improvement.
Scope of the certificate issued by CRS and BVQI is as follows: “University education in technical, biotechnical, social and fine art areas, and related scientific and professional activities, including training of seafarers and tourist officials”.