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The Library for Technical and Bio-technical Sciences

The Library for technical and Bio-technical Sciences was developed from the Higher Maritime School of Dubrovnik, established in 1959. From a very small and modest library, it had grown into a university library, now a part of the University of Dubrovnik, for the use in the academic work, scientific research and professional purposes in the field of technical and bio-technical sciences.

Social Science Library

The Social Science Library is a higher education library with limited public access. It is intended for the use of the academic work, for scientific research, and for development of practice in social sciences which are a part of the University program. Its users include lecturers, assistants, social science students and, occasionally, the public.

Centre for Tourist Documentation and Information

The Tourism Documentation Centre was established with the aim to collect, organize, process, preserve and make available materials concerning tourism and similar activities.
The Centre’s library holdings were based on the principles of tourism science in general with the scope to, by its numerous aspects and related disciplines/branches, express all the complexity of the tourism phenomenon.