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Student Centre

 About Student Centre

Student Centre in Dubrovnik is an institution with a long tradition (opened in 1963). Nowadays, it is functioning as an independent public institution founded by the University of Dubrovnik. The Centre has concerned itself with the standard of all students in our city throughout that period. The work of the Centre covers: accommodation, meals, employment, and cultural and sport activities. The premises are at the very attractive location in the DOC, business centar at the address: Kralja Tomislava 7.



Since Dubrovnik still has no students’ hostel, the Centre provides addresses of people who are registered to take student lodgers in their homes. To assist students with their rent, the Centre organises a public competition for subsidies at the beginning of every academic year. Thus, for example, the Centre granted 394 such subsides amounting to 147 kunas in the year 2009. The subsidy comes from the state budget, through the Ministry or Science, Education and Sport. Students’ hostel is planned for the future as an answer to the growing demand for student accommodation.


Students coming to Dubrovnik will not be disappointed with the quality of meals offered to them in one of five restaurants. These restaurants have signed contracts with the Student Centre and with the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport. It should be stressed that the quality of meals is high so that it can satisfy the most fastidious tastes.
Students can choose one of the following restaurants: Hotel Ivka “BOKAR”, Od Sv. Mihajla 3; Restaurant “MAESTOSO”-SRĐ”, Obala Stjepana Radića 25; Restaurant “RIVA”, Lapadska obala 20;