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Exchange students

After your home institution has officially nominated you to UNIDU as an exchange student please follow next steps to finish your application successfully :

1. Fill the Application/Enrollment form for summer semester:


(Firstly prepare all information needed-for example name of your coordinator, the address of your University, etc., because there is no save option and you can fill the form only once)

Deadline for submitting the form for summer semester is 1st of  December, 2021. After this date, it will no longer be possible to apply.

2. Please write your name next to the subject you are going to choose at UNIDU.

The list of courses offered in the academic year 2021- 2022 is available on the google sheet below:

Course Catalogue

Please do not skip this step, if you don't schedule your courses in the table, we will not be able to enroll you to the subject you wish to follow.

3. Send your Learning agreement signed and stamped by you and your University.

If your University is using Online Learning Agreement platform (Erasmus Dashboard) please fill your LA on the platform. If not, you can send your LA duly signed in .pdf form by e-mail at: international@unidu.hr untill December 1st 2021. at latest.

Pay attention that the list of courses in the Learning agreement matches the course list from the previous step.


-  You can't combine courses from different levels (meaning you can choose course only from your level of study) but you can combine courses from different departments (in this case please be aware that if you combine courses from different departments, schedules may coincide!).

-  If less than five students apply for a certain course, there's a possibility that the course won't be held. For courses with less than 5 students you will have consultation hours with professor instead regular classes.

Please pay attention on following information:

1. APPLICATION DEADLINE: December 1st for the summer semester - after this date we WILL NOT receive applications!

2. Summer semester starts 14th of February 2022. International relations office together with ESN Dubrovnik will organize an Orientation week/Days one week prior to start of the semester – attendance of Orientation week is compulsory.

3. Summer semester lasts officially till end of June. Please note that if you finish your studies earlier than this date, the date on your Confirmation of departure will be the last day of your study at University of Dubrovnik, not official end of semester.

4. Acceptance letters will be issued within two weeks after the application deadline, after which you would be able to apply for the accommodation in student dormitory.

If your University doesn't have an active Erasmus+ agreement with UNIDU, you can apply as a FREEMOVER or CEEPUS student in the same way as explained above.

In case of additional requirements in regards to academic, organizational or other aspects (e.g. students with special needs) prior to the arrival please contact our incoming coordinator: international@unidu.hr.